Monday, June 06, 2005

What is stress- EAP1 first summary-

B. Seal, (1997) in “ What is stress?”, Academic Encounters Human Behavior (Unit1, chapter1, P.5) said that sometimes stress affects our feeling and health conditions. Lots of happenings can become a cause of stress; disasters, divorce and daily troubles. And these events interrupt our habits or lifestyle. Hans Seyle, a Canadian physiologist, suggests that the reaction of humans and animals to stress has three steps, which are alarm reaction, resistance and exhaustion, and are jointly called the general adaptation syndrome. When humans and animals feel a stress, their reaction to a provoking condition in the first step becomes an alarm reaction. After that their body attempts to accept or escape from the stress in the second step, resistance. If these steps are effective for humans and animals, they can go back to the normal situation. However if they cannot control the stress, they feel exhausted. The author said, when animals feel exhausted, they show same reactions. On the other hand, for humans, we can see differences in the effects of getting stress depend on the type of person and the kind of situation. According to this fact, the reaction of stress differs greatly in each person such as getting angry or fearing something.

Monday, May 09, 2005

“Computers and crime”

The main idea of “Computer and crime” by Kristine Brown and Susan Hood in (Unit4, chapter3, P.159) is the effect of crime by using computers. The appearance of computer offers new occasion of committing a crime and it bring some problems for us. Especially, computer crimes connected with stealing money and information. For example, in 1993, nearly $100 million in funds was stolen by using computer system. About stealing information, almost 2 billion value of computer software is stolen every year. One of the reasons to increase of hacking is that someone wants to get the thrill or the challenge without noticing of others. The number of sales frauds is increased buy using computers. Another problem is viruses that change programs and documents on purpose. It’s difficult for police to these real crimes. Because these computer criminal are increasing so fast and if companies have these problems, they don’t want to report to police to afraid that they lose public’s confidence in them. On the other hand, computer has a good point that it can help police to solve crimes. One study suggested that about 15% in U.S nation think that their traditional ideas of right and wrong have been affected by new technologies. I feel that Internet uses should care using computer much more. In addition, the government needs to create more strict law or rule of computer and Internet users have to follow new rules.
First, Internet users should make clear what are serious things or what are just entertainments on the Internet. Sometimes we play games or use some entertainments, we need to put our personal information; our birthday or first name. But I think we need to be careful about these things, too. Of course, when we need to write our information on the Internet, we are careful with personal information so much. As you know, it’s easy way shopping, getting information and changing some documents. These are kind of entertainments for us. Whereas, it’s difficult to know which internet site is true. For example, a fake company creates website and selling some goods. Most people cannot know this company is real or not. So we are cautious all type of the Internet sites. So in my opinion, we use only famous company sites or the entertainment site that is connect with famous web site, msn and yahoo etc.
Second, government needs to make new rules or law for defending personal information spillage. Already, Internet crime was regulated by Internet law; Telecommunications Act of 1996, Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA). However, the numbers of Internet crimes are increasing in the world because almost laws have loopholes. For filling in loopholes of law, the government creates new laws and these regulate crimes each other. I think we need to create higher punishment of money or to divest a criminal’s right to use Internet addresses forever.
Finally, it is the most important point for decreasing of Internet crime is the ideas of Internet user about using Internet. Many people know if governments can create a lot of laws and these can work for Internet crimes, it has a limit to regulate. In my opinion, for decreasing of Internet crimes connect with that how much Internet users can care about what is harmful things for them or not. Actually, one of study said that one in every six people in the United States think traditional ideas of right and wrong have been changed by new technologies (*1). People, especially Internet user, need to think again what are irregular things or not.
In conclusion, we make new Internet laws and regulate Internet crimes. And every Internet uses pay attention in following Internet laws and rules. First, Internet users make clear what are serious things or what are entertainments when they use Internet. Second, governments should make new Internet laws. Finally, we have to follow Internet laws and laws seriously. Someone think it’s difficult for us to do these things, however the number of Internet crimes has been increasing in the real world. So it’s time that we have to think about how to use Internet safety and useful.

(*1)”The Technology Ethics Gap: New Rules Aren’t Yet Clear” by Judith Harkham Semas from High Technology Careers Magazine ”1998

Thursday, April 21, 2005

A new way of doing in business in Japan

It’s difficult for many Japanese to accept new ways of doing things or new idea s even now. We can see the particular example in the business situation. One of the famous company presidents, Takafumi Horie, the president of the Internet service provider company “Live door”, appears on TV, the Internet and newspapers everyday. The reason why he appeared in the media was that he tried to buy the stock of one Japanese baseball team in October 2004. But he lost this battle. When he said something about it, his attitude and words lacked homage. Many people, especially the media, think he is an interesting person, so he is well known everyone. After that, he bought stocks of Nippon broadcasting system, Japanese radio company, on 8th of February 2005. But at the same time, one of the big TV company, Fuji television network, was doing a TOB (takeover bid) to get Nippon broadcasting system as their subsidiary. Usually the person or the company that want to get over 33.4% stocks of some company to have an company’s veto for and investment and a combination, they need to say their opportunity, price, term and the number of stocks in the media in principle. But he didn’t show these things and bought 35% stocks of Nippon broadcasting system by using an overtime transaction. It seemed like a trick. Everyone was surprised and some people think he is a coward. Because it was really novel way for us and some people couldn’t accept it. In addition, many people were interested in why he could buy so many stocks. Actually the cost of buying these stocks was at least about 60.7million yen (about $70million) by connecting with American investment company.
Many Japanese people couldn’t accept him because of his appearance and attitude. The first day of his interview about the baseball team, he wore casual clothes, a shirt without necktie. By Japanese traditional idea, he needed to wear a suit and a shirt with necktie in an important place. And many people think he was a young president. Then he was 31years old. In addition, he didn’t care not to use polite words. These things made us surprised and especially elderly people had bad image about him. Our images of a president were disturbed and many people became interested in his action.
His way to buy stocks gives us novel image. He tried to buy stocks of Nippon broadcasting system by a new way, overtime trans action. In fact overtime trans action is an usual way to buy stocks. But nobody used it when someone buys so many stocks. Usually when Japanese companies buy another company, they had been doing friendly buying. It means that they purchased stocks under the low-risk situation. Almost Japanese company escape or don’t like to do a hostile takeover. Exactly, his way to buy stocks made Fuji television and another professional of the stock to get angry. But he didn’t use irregular way, he just follow the rule of buying stocks. Only he used the way that nobody tried to do still then. He was seemed an innovator.
We know American investment company went into Japan. He cooperated with Lehman Brothers, an American investment bank, gave big money to Live door in spite of Live door’s stocks. However by this scheme, Lehman Brothers can get benefit much more than Live door. Lehman Brothers continue to do a short sale and buy again and again to get benefits. In addition, if they did a short sale too much, it’s just to increase the benefit when they buy stocks back. If the price of stocks grew up, they change their convertible to stocks. Many Japanese realized that Lehman Brothers never inflicts a loss and they knew new way and they faced to the serious investment situation that American investment company invades in Japanese system directly.
His acting to buy stocks shows us traditional Japanese reaction. Many people get discomforts from his appearance and attitude. They knew novel image though his way to get stocks. And finally they faced to the serious situation that American investment bank participated in Japanese company. Now many Japanese are thinking about it and they are trying to accept new situation in Japan.

The Internet in my country-Japan-

The Internet is an indispensable tool for our life in Japan. One of the reports about the Internet said, over 67 million household in Japan uses the Internet (*1). Almost all the people who use the Internet have email address. In addition, a lot of shops, schools, TV programs and another public community have the Internet address, too. So Internet users do a lot of things by using the Internet; for example shopping, communicating with friends and getting information. Nowadays, to use the Internet is easier and faster than to use phone, fax, or letter. On the other hand, these good points of Internet bring us many problems. Actually there are a number of problems with the Internet in Japan.
The Internet gives us a communication place in Japan. If you want to talk with friends, you just need to sign in to the chat site. And then if your friend is in there, you can talk with your friends. We have a chance to find new friend and our partner on the Internet, too. When you want to make new friends who have same hobby, you just need to type the hobby name. Probably you can find the chat site soon. Every time when I open the base site (msn, yahoo etc), I can see the arranged marriage advertisement. These kind of company is increasing in Japan.
The internet gives us much information immediately in Japan. Before we use the internet, we need to care the time much to get information. We can get much information by newspapers. However newspapers lack the immediacy of TV. So it’s a good way to see the TV to get the current information, even though we have to care the time of the TV program. On the other hand, the Internet has both parts, TV and newspapers. We can read articles like a newspaper and watch the live or video in the Internet. Recently, many companies create like a health check system for elder people and their children by using the Internet. One of the company created that when elder person use the vacuum bottle, their son or daughter who cannot visit them easily can get email to cell phone or PC, and they confirm that their parents are fine.
The Internet hasn’t only good points. It’s difficult to make sure what is good information or bad information for us. Much information makes us confused and gives us bad knowledge. In fact, after the Internet spread in Japan, the Internet problem is growing up. Then we focus on the details of these problems, we know the good points of Internet are used to give us unclear and trouble. We can do almost all things by using the Internet, shopping, talking and sometimes checking my health. However these are some possibility to put our private in danger. Actually the report said, one forth of the Internet users met the problem that their private information flowed out to someone. Someone uses our private information, it’s difficult to escape and clear these problems. The worst of the Internet problem is virus. From one of the research about the Internet problems, we can know people who think irregular things aim at our email address.
The Internet has many defections for us. The Internet is useful tool to make friends and to get information immediately. However it has become to have dangerous troubles for us. Already the Internet is an indispensable thing for us in Japan. For the sake of using the Internet in sage and useful situation, we need to make more rules and everybody keep to these rules.
*1) Internet white paper

Reporting the facts

“Reporting the facts”, from the South China Morning PostÅi1998Åj, said sometimes newspaper and TV networks have made up incorrect information by using unchecked stories of reporters and editors. For example, Bob Hope, the elderly comedian, was reported dead. Usually this incorrect information intends to add interest or enormous impact to the information, and it becomes newsworthy information. The cause of misquoting is that newscasters use another speaker’s words or when they asked something but it is an irrelevant question. Many rumors and unconfirmed information exist on the Internet. In addition, the Internet has a power to inference to a lot of people in the world.

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First posting

Today I created my Blogger. I'd like to write many things that I saw as many as possible.